Squirt ‘n Squeegee™ Plus Kit


Touch up heavy chips and deep scratches with our best-selling paint repair kit. The Squirt ‘n Squeegee Plus™ Kit includes all of our paint application and blending tools to help you make professional level repairs.

Squirt ‘n Squeegee™ Kit


Get all the supplies you need for chip and scratch repair. This kit includes our best application and blending tools so you can achieve a professional appearance. Easily touch up heavy chip damage or scratches with the original Squirt ‘n Squeege Kit.

Road Rash™ Kit


Road rash is a nuisance for any car owner. Eliminate chips and scratches around the bumper and tires with the Road Rash™ Kit from Dr. ColorChip. It includes precise paint application and blending tools to help you touch up even hard-to-reach areas.

Basic Kit


Our Basic Kit has all the supplies you need to touch up light chips and small scratches. This is a great starter kit for car owners who have mild paint damage. It includes our most practical tools including a blending cloth, nitrile glove, and Ultra Paint Brush.

Private: Premium Car Care Package (OUT OF STOCK)


Our Top Selling Squirt ‘n Squeegee™ kit along with Car Care products from our friends at Autogeek, Sonax and Solution Finish.

Deluxe Car Care Package (OUT OF STOCK)


Our Basic Kit along with Solution Finish’s black plastic restore product and Sonax Liquid Wax.

Multi-Car Kit


Dr. ColorChip’s™ Multi-Car Kit is the perfect option to repair chips on two cars. Each kit comes with 2 factory color matched paint, 2 – 4oz bottles of SealAct™ Blending Solution, plus every accessory needed to ensure an excellent repair. Regular price is $129.95 order now at our special introductory price of $99.95

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Fix Chips and Scratches with Our Auto Touch Up Paint Kits

Dr. ColorChip’s signature “Apply, Level, Blend” process makes it easy to fix chips and scratches on your vehicle. Get everything you need for DIY repairs with our car paint touch up kits.

The Basic Kit includes all the supplies to fix minor chips or deep small scratches to your vehicle. Upgrade to a Squirt ‘n Squeegee™ Kit or our best-selling Squirt ‘n Squeegee Plus™ for more heavily chipped cars or deep scratches. Do you have heavy road rash damage? Order our special Road Rash™ Kit for areas heavily peppered with chips. We also offer our Premium and Deluxe Car Care Packages that include all the supplies in our kits plus detailing products to keep your car in top shape.

While all of these supplies are sold separately, buying a car paint touch up kit is the most comprehensive solution. Our founder developed these DIY kits after years of testing and development. Dr. ColorChip also supplies detailing businesses, auction houses, and dealerships so you can be confident you’re getting professional quality automotive paint repairs.


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