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Higher Profits with In-House Repairs!

Professional automotive touch-up service companies use the Dr. ColorChip™ Paint Chip Repair System weekly at over 800 dealerships nationwide, and dominate those markets with the quality and speed provided by the system. Now this technology is available to the dealerships and auto auction houses for their own in-house repairs. It absolutely does make a difference in the appearance of vehicles with typical stone chip damage. Better, faster and easier to use than traditional methods, it delivers clean, permanent repairs without the typical paint blobs associated with ‘touch-up’ work. For dealerships, these dramatic results lead to higher service and used dept. profits, in addition to faster inventory turnover. And it reduces the challenges and expense associated with using outside vendors! For auction houses, it can mean more professional repairs for the reconditioning process and higher income for some fleet vehicles.

  • Paint all your used cars, Not just the nicer ones
  • No more time wasted on paint mixing
  • Reduce body shop spraying
  • Be the first in your market to offer professional paint chip repair

This is a high profit, low cost opportunity with benefits for each department of the dealership.

  1. Used Dept – service your own used inventory with internal labor and reduce the hassles and expense- by 80 percent or more- associated with outside vendors.
  2. New Dept – Sell a paint chip service agreement to new-car customers with the ability to service them quickly and effectively. It’s money in the bank and a great way to build customer retention.
  3. Service Dept – Offer this unique service to existing customers as an add-on in the same way dent repair services are. With minimal time and supply costs, this is a huge profit center.


  • No color mixing, paint codes or spraying – Everything is provided
  • Unskilled labor- no experience, training takes less than 2 hours
  • Average complete repair takes less than 15 minutes
  • Average repairs and supply costs are minimal
  • Simple, small, self-contained storage system- no other equipment needed
  • Automatic color updates
  • Easy, same-day order-fulfillment
  • Free technical assistance by phone
  • On-site training included with most packages

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