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Where to Find Your Automotive Paint Code on your car?


Paint codes are stamped onto the Identification plate on your vehicle .  Find your color code by using the diagram below.  It can be in more than one location, so if you don’t find it in one place, check the other options.

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Audi / Volkswagen

This code is from an Audi, but VW has a similar sticker, usually found in the trunk under the mat or in the spare tire compartment.


Under hood; over driver side strut, along top of driver side firewall, or over passenger side air filter.

Chrysler / Dodge

Driver’s Side Door Jamb or Door


Driver’s Side Door Jamb

General Motors

GM color code locations vary. This is from a Suburban, found in the glovebox. Some GM codes begin with WA, others begin with U.

Honda / Acura

Driver’s Side Door Jamb. There are two examples here. The left is from a 2001 Accord. The right is from a 2003 Civic.


Driver’s Side Door Jamb


Driver’s Side Door Jamb


Driver’s Side Door Jamb, newer models

Nissan / Infiniti

Driver’s Side Door Jamb


This code is from a Boxster, located under the hood, front center. Other model locations may vary, and there are often several codes for the same color. This is Artik Silver.


Driver’s Side Door Jamb

Toyota / Lexus / Scion

Driver’s Side Door Jamb or Door


The factory color code for your vehicle is Required for purchase


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