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Dr. ColorChip Corporation was formed in Florida in 2003 by its President and Founder Dan McCool. Working from home,  experimenting in his garage, Mr. McCool formulated,  tested and developed the proprietary blends and paint composition while offering a Touchup repair and detailing service under the Dr. ColorChip brand to the local used car dealership community in South Florida. This formed the foundation of the Dr. ColorChip brand and quickly established  Dr. ColorChip as the leader in the niche automotive touchup industry.  Existing touchup products offered at the time to the industry and to everyday car owners were tedious to use and their application required a great deal of patience and skill, making a professional looking repair difficult to achieve. Little to no support was provided in the everchanging industry to tackle the many new three stage color’s being introduced to the market.  The introduction of and wide acceptance of tri-coat pearl colors created an opportunity for Dr. ColorChip to develop a product that would allow professional chip repairs to be made on these tri-coat colored vehicles and the many other colors coming into the market.   Dr. ColorChip recognized the need for a product that was simple in design that would allow the individual the ability to make professional looking repairs to their everyday car quickly and easily.  Over the course of the first several years toiling over cars at the Dealership lots,  and after a good bit of old fashioned garage chemistry and elbow grease,  the Dr. ColorChip commercial brand was making great strides and was beginning to get noticed. Its reputation and name brand quickly became recognized as the go-to commercial product used at dealerships around the United States.

From its beginnings on the car lots of Southern Florida, Dr. ColorChip broadened its coverage by marketing a commercial paint chip repair system to entrepreneurs, mobile car detailers, Paintless Dent Repair technicians and other car care providers and eventually initiated placement of the Dr. ColorChip commercial paint systems directly with major brand automotive dealerships. The company’s mission remains to provide its Global partners in the touch-up repair industry a competitive edge with state-of-the-art technology for superior repairs. The Dr. ColorChip’s network of commercial service providers throughout the United States and other parts of the World dominate their markets using Dr. ColorChip’s unique process and high-quality products.

In 2006, Dr. ColorChip decided the everyday car driver would benefit from having access to a high quality touchup repair product custom made for use on their car in a Do It Yourself kit.  Mr. McCool reached out to his father, Dr James McCool, for an initial loan of $50,000 to fund the development of a retail product offering. Over the next several years and through an aggressive marketing campaign  of its brand on National T.V. commercials and in a multitude of Automotive magazine publications,  the Dr. ColorChip product gained much greater exposure and traction and the business exploded. On February 14th,  2008,  Dr ColorChip was featured in a Wall Street Journal article review of 5 companies in the aftermarket auto paint care industry.   Dr. ColorChip was identified as the best and the “favorite” in the Wall Street Journal’s review.(See “Wall Street Journal” article)    

Since 2013, Dr. ColorChip has expanded its reach Internationally establishing operations in Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.  The company continually strives to address the needs of the ever-changing automotive paint industry, and is committed to being the number one provider of touch-up paint systems in both the commercial and retail sectors.  Today, Dr. ColorChip is the exclusive provider of both commercial and retail product with private label arrangements with a number of the World’s largest Dealerships and Automotive manufacturers. 

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Dr. ColorChip Corporation
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We pride ourselves on being customer-service oriented, and make every attempt to respond quickly to all inquiries. We’re always happy to offer guidance in using our paint kits, so don’t hesitate to contact us. If you use the Contact Form below to reach us, you will receive an auto-reply email confirming our receipt of your message. We generally get back to all such inquiries within one business day or less. If you need immediate assistance, please give us a call. If we cannot answer the phone, leave a message and we’ll reply ASAP.

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