1963 Ford Fairlane

Year: 1963

Make: Ford

Model: Fairlane

WE MIX BY FACTORY COLOR CODE. PLEASE OBTAIN THE COLOR CODE FROM YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE MAKING A SELECTION. If you do not know where your color code is, you can check our Code Locator below, or contact the dealership with the VIN # so that they can provide you with the color code.

Also, color swatches below are computer generated and therefore your car color may look different than the swatches on the website.

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Select Color Code Color Color Name Tricolor
F (1965)
Arcadian Blue N
H (1965)
Caspian Blue (PPG 12547) N
I (1965)
Champagne Beige N
D (1965)
Dynasty Green Poly. N
L (1965)
Holly Green (PPG 42664) N
C (1965)
Honey Gold Poly. N
R (1965)
Ivy Green Poly. N
B (1965)
Midnight Turquoise N
7 (1965)
Phoenician Yellow N
3 (1965)
Poppy Red N
P (1965)
Prairie Bronze N
J (1965)
Rangoon Red N
A (1965)
Raven Black N
Y (1965)
Silver Blue Poly N
K (1965)
Silver Smoke Gray Poly N
8 (1965)
Springtime Yellow N
V (1965)
Sunlight Yellow N
O (1965)
Tropical Turquoise N
5 (1965)
Twilight Turquoise N
X (1965)
Vintage Burgundy Poly. N
M (1965)
Wimbledon White N

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