Order Status

Once we have created the shipping label for your order, you will receive an email with the targeted ship date and the delivery confirmation number (USPS) or tracking number (UPS, FedEx & DHL). Use this confirmation/tracking number to follow your shipment.

When you receive the shipment notification, it DOES NOT mean your package has shipped. It simply is confirmation that a shipping label has been created and your order will still take 2-3 Business days to ship from receipt of this shipping notice, unless of course you have chosen an expedited shipping option.

Remember, we still have to custom make your kit and test it to make sure it is a good color match prior to shipping. If you choose standard USPS mail service to deliver your package, please allow for 10 Business days to receive your kit.

Please do not call us or email us asking for an update until after this time period has passed.

Many times customers will try tracking the shipment using the delivery confirmation number only to find that the USPS does not show the package in their system yet. This is not unusual. Often it takes several days after the package has been picked up from our facility for it to register in the U.S. Postal services system.

On occasion mistakes are made and packages are lost. If this happens, we will try tracing the package, or reship a new package if necessary, as expeditiously as possible.