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I am very happy with the system we purchased from your company. We implemented your system on Sept 10th, and in the first 20 days of the month we have touched up 38 cars and no longer require the services of an outside vendor. This has generated $1800 in profit for our detailing center. I will be purchasing our second system in the next 30-45 days. Thanks for your help...

Dave Echenoz,
14/69 Supercenter Carwash

This is one of the first products I have used that worked exactly as advertised. My motorcycle is black so I was very skeptical. But after watching several videos and customer reviews that were very positive, I ordered the kit in my color. What a surprise! The smaller dings, one swipe and gone. The larger chips one or two more. Two were on top of the tank and you absolutely cannot see where they were. BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Peter Larimer

Just a quick thank you... your product worked exactly as advertised on my car. Great product, many thanks!

Brad H., San Diego, CA

I've been a real gear-head for 45 years and have always tried to keep my cars looking sharp. I think I've tried just about every paint touchup technique or product to hit the market since 1965. Absolutely none have produced the extraordinary results produced by Dr ColorChip. The color match is perfect and the ease of application is amazing. I purchased a kit for my Ford Ranger. It was so great so I ordered another for my Porsche. That one was equally impressive. Today, I ordered one for my Audi. You guys deserve some kind of industry award! Best system in the world!

Al Rabold, Kula, HI

Dealerships had better realize what a pain in the ass "touch up" paint is to get: 3 weeks to receive it, no instructions on the best way to apply, markup on paint is way overboard.

Your product is like "painting for dummies". It makes the process so much smoother.

Get out there and advertise!!

Joe S.

I want to thank you guys for a super product...I have a 2008 Z06 that i road race some and drive the crap out of the rest of the time. I have about 35,000 highway miles on the car and have gone thru two sets of tires so far. Three sets of rears.

My front tires throw rocks and grit onto the rear fender just in front of the rear tires. That area looked like it had been shot with a 12 gauge shotgun, looked like crap....for car shows, I would rubblack shoe polish into the chips trying to hide the road rash....

I decided to try your product, I thought, what the heck, for a few bucks, I will take the gamble. I am so impressed that I have been telling all the car guys about how well your product works.
Proud of you guys, you did good....

Nick, Mountain Home, AR

I ordered the "road rash" kit for my Orient Blue 2004 BMW 330Cic a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday was finally a great day to do the job.
Being in the car business and seeing what I would normally expect, I was hopeful that it would make my car better from the numerous stone chips that we get in the New England winters. In addition, the roads are falling apart here, so there is a lot of gravel and sand that also gets kicked up.
After about 4 fours of precise work and following the directions, the results are truly amazing. I am a professional in the used car business and to tell you the truth, I'll be damned if I can tell where the chips were.
I still have some work to do and will be ordering a smaller kit soon.
I appreciate you having a product that is far more than is promised, extremely prompt delivery and a perfect paint match.
All the best and THANK YOU!!!

Charlie Zeltner
Sales Manager - Portsmouth Ford Used Car Center

I recently finished touching up my 2005 Lexus ES 330 with your kit, and the results are superb! So good, in fact, that I was able to install an Invisible Shield 3M clear bra, and the underlying finish looks new! The color match for my paint (Garnet Black Pearl) was absolutely perfect.

You folks have the best product and system available, period!

Don Warner

Bill, I am thoroughly impressed, not only with your product, but with your customer service (which, admittedly, is a pet peeve of mine). I could not be more satisfied with the product and your personal service. Know that I will definitely share my experience with my many internet contacts within the Mustang community.
I was able to use the product on a couple of chips on my Mustang's hood and it works exactly as described in your ads. These first couple of 'fills' were a test, to develop my technique as much as it was to test the product. I can't wait to fill in the rest and finally clean up the front of my beloved Mustang. The rest of it, every inch, is as close to factory fresh as one might imagine. It is a driver the front has its fair share of chips.

Chris Burgess, Dunedin, FL
2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1

I got my repair kit and tried it on my beautiful and meticulously maintained Porsche Cayman. I am impressed with what a nice clean job it does repairing the unavoidable stone chips I have gotten on the car. The car is cobalt blue metallic and stone chips really stand out. I have tried other products previously on other cars but they usually leave a disturbed looking area around
the repair. With your kit, after the repair is dry a light buffing is all it takes to make the fix hard to see.
Thank you for making my baby Porsche look pretty again.

Judith Albanese

I wanted to thank you for your product- it's a lifesaver! We had recently placed an order for our 2001 Mazda Miata and my husband documented our experience on

Your saved us from having to get our car repainted, so the least we could do is help spread the word. Also looking forward to receiving the kit for my Acura CL that I just ordered (below). We will use your products on all of our cars from now on and will recommend them to anyone in need. Thanks again!!

Jen and Gram Ludlow

Driving in Houston, Texas wound up ruining the front of my black Mazdaspeed 3. It made me sick every time I looked at it - only 2 years old and it was peppered with road rash. I take great pride in how my cars look so this was a condition that had to be resolved. I bought your product and it saved my car. The results are fantastic! You will soon be receiving an order for my wife's new F150 as it is already in need of some Dr.Colorchip time. Thank you for making such a good product, it truly is a car fanatics' dream.

A. Masciopinto, Houston, TX

I bought one recently to try it out on my car. There's no better way to say how much I like the ease of use of this product than to put in another order for my wife's minivan. It was definitely as easy to use as advertised on your website.

Ben Say, CA

I touched up my '03 LeMans blue beast today and i was very happy with the results. Most of my chips are tiny road rash on the front of the hood and mirrors. The application was easy with a soft t shirt and the included pre fast liquid and cloth took off all excess paint. I was a little tentative on the first areas so I'll go back over it but quite a big difference and worth the price vs body shop.
Small scratches that one can feel with fingernail also covered up well. I had one deep chip which i just went over 3 or 4 times and it came out smooth. The nice thing about this stuff was there was no blobbing, just paint smooth surface of new paint. I did not take any before shots so I have nothing to show.

The M5 Board

Hello, I recently purchased a kit from you for a 1995 BMW 530i in Orient Blue. The product is fantastic, attached is a photo of the end product. All I can say is before I started, it looked like someone shot my hood with a shotgun.

Michael J. Patch

Good morning. I previously made an order for a 2011 Evolution octane blue chip fix for my car and I have to say I am blown away by how great the product works. I have been promoting it on my instagram page.
Thank you in advance.

Jerry Rodriguez, CPC

Great stuff! Easy to apply and it looks great.

Larry Hilman - (used the system on his private plane)

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical as to whether your product would work as well as the claims, but I was pleasantly surprised. The procedure couldn't be any easier. Not much work for great results, especially with multiple applications. All that and great customer service - the perfect combination.
Good luck with your business.

George Michaels

I wish I had of taken good before and after pictures....! So far, I have made my 94 MB SL500, 99 MB SLK230, and my newest addition, 2003 Jag XK8 all go from road-rashed, rock chipped front ends to three beautifully detailed automobiles. What a discover Dr. ColorChip was for me. I am your best advertisement in the area. I am not too far from thinking about doing this for others in my spare time. It has been very rewarding to me and my detail shop wants to send cars to me as well as a few car dealers and my friends. I must say I went almost overboard on my cars trying to get everything perfect. Your three foot rule should be more than sufficient to most and everyone I have shown my results to has been blown away.
Thank you for providing a great product that actually woks.

Mike Sternberg, Williamsburg, VA

I've tried a few of the other chip repair systems and Dr. Color Chip has given me the best results. I'm very picky about how my cars look and when I used "the doctor" on my Mazda MX-5, the results were really good. Nothing will ever be factory paint but as long as there are stones on roads and people with shopping carts, the doctor will be in my garage.

Rick, NJ

Thanks! I know my brother will appreciate the kit as much as I have mine (Jaguar Racing Green for my 2004 XJ8 and Grand Prix White for my 1988 Porsche 928S4). You have a fabulous product!

Albert E. Estrada

Thank you for your amazing product! I wish I had taken before and after pictures because the results were quite dramatic!
I just purchased a used VW Jetta that had a serious case of Road Rash on the hood and bumper. I was a bit skeptical about the paint sticking to the bare metal, but I followed the instructions and the results were much better than I had hoped! The color match was *perfect* and those large chips have all but disappeared. I used the Tandem Paint brush to paint the plastic front bumper along with a lint free cloth. The abraded plastic now looks shiny and new! In fact, the color match was a much better than the paint pens we were sold at a VW dealership.
Thank you again for such a great product. I wish you every success.

C.C. Dietrich, Christiansburg, VA

I just wanted to say that I used your basic paint touchup kit this past weekend w/ excellent results. I have a vintage Porsche that "had" some road rash on the front painted bumper and lower area of the hood. Your touch-up paint process gave me flawless results. I can't even tell where I fixed the paint it worked so well. I was skeptical but am totally sold on your product. I recommended your product to all the members on the Porsche website/club I am a member of and plan on purchasing two more kits from your company for my daily driver car and my wife's car.

Eric Falk, Sausalito, CA

I bought a kit to use on my 2007 Mercedes SL550. I was a little nervous trying to touch up the paint on my car. I just used it and am amazed at the results. I had a small but noticeable chip right next to the license plate. I followed the directions and in less than 5 minutes the chip was gone - you can't even tell there was ever a chip there or that any touch up had ever been done. My only regret is that I did not take a "before" picture so I could include that plus an "after" picture to show just how wonderful this product is! Your product definitely exceeded my expectations.

Cindy Elgamal, Sugar Land, TX

I recently purchased your product for my 2002 Porsche Boxster (lapis blue). Like many who use your product, my daily commute involves highway travel that exposes the paint on my car to a constant assault of gravel and other road debris that no degree of caution can prevent. In the past, I used conventional touch-up paint to repair this type of damage. The only results were very visible repairs and paint on my hands. I used your product this past weekend and was amazed. I am throwing away my tube of factory touch-up paint. Thanks for making such a great product!

Brian, DE

Thanks for the quick response and fulfillment! The product is incredible! I'm taking the car to an auction tomorrow, and because of your product, I should be able to get thousands more than otherwise!
Please feel free to use me as a referral. Your products, and your service, are impeccable!

Andy Douglas, Lake Barrington, IL

Two weeks ago I ordered a touch-up kit for my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan.
The paint color is Dark Forest Green.
There are (were) some dings, surface scratches and chips in the paint from nine years of use. I applied your paint to these areas as you say in your directions and miraculously the scratches and chips were gone! Your product is amazing and is everything you claim it to be. After installing new headlight assemblies, new alloy wheels and using your wonderful product, everyone thinks I just bought a new van.
I am so glad I found your website and ordered your product.

Bob Perl, Powder Springs, GA

Recently I purchased one of your kits to touch up some small chip damage that occurred on the nose of my aircraft. I used the product
exactly as directed, and I was AMAZED at the result. It was as if
the damage had never occurred - it is almost impossible to tell where it was repaired, and it has held up perfectly. Your technical department matched up the special aircraft paint color EXACTLY, without additional charge.
It is encouraging to use a product that exceeds my expectations, and deal with a company that provides such outstanding customer service.
I just purchased 2 more kits, and look forward to similar great results.
If your product works so well on a $2,200,000 aircraft, imagine how good it will be on my Toyota Prius! Thanks!

Randolph Mahoney

Just a quick note about your product.
I go to a lot of car shows (I also own, and authored the foremost manual on car shows). I will be recommending you guys to everyone I meet who appears to be in need of Dr Colorchip - show cars have to be kept up.
The product worked as advertised, and your accommodating service was fantastic.




I just wanted to tell you I have had your product for over a year, haven't had a chance to use it.
Tried it out Sunday on my red Titan truck. WOW! It's like the chips and scratches never happened. This is the most amazing product I have ever used.
I am ordering a bottle of paint for my wife's car.

Robert Hall, Salt Lake City, UT

I tried it and I really like it! Good job, folks. This is the first touch-up system that works!

Larry Tobin, Ellicott City, MD

I had a chip on my new 530i. I tried this stuff from Dr. ColorChip (there is some website out there and the name is something like that one). The stuff was amazing (I do not work for them). It costs about $45, but well worth it. It does not work on really small scratches.

They send you matched BWM paint (A35 for my Monoco blue). You put the paint on the problem, and you literally rub it in. You let it dry as is. Then, they give you a solution to rub off the excess. I had some scratches on my trunk because one of my friends who was not used to the "rebound" trunk of the 530i was wearing a watch when the truck popped up. The stuff also gives you a gloss coating so you do not need to buy separate stuff. My trunk looked brand new afterwards. I was sold on the stuff.
This paint works a different way. You do not really paint it on and leave it there.
You rub the paint in to fill the gaps in the scratches and chips. Then, you rub the excess of. The beauty is that the job looks perfect.
If you use regular touch up paint or a pen, and you mess up, it is there for good. Plus regular touch up paid does not replicate the glossy finish.
Hope this helps. I really like the stuff.

QUOTE (monacobmw @ Aug 10 2006, 05:55 PM)

You went way out of your way to help. You guys have a great program there. The first kit I received for my Mercedes Benz worked perfectly.

Joe S

I ordered your product when I accidentally scratched the side of my new car. I didn't think anything would cover the scratches and was set to take the car be repainted. Then I went on line and saw your product. I ordered it and we used it. The results are amazing. There were multiple
scratches from a post I came too close to when turning and they are almost I need some more of your product to finish a perfect job.

Tim Sullivan, West Hollywood, CA

The product offered works incredibly well at hiding scratches and stone chips. Even though a deep scratch may not be completely or perfectly filled (even with repeated applications), the product does fill in the scratches and chips very well and improves the appearance dramatically. I was able to fill in two deep scratches (from key-ing) well enough so that they're only visible from about 1-2 feet away. The product is reasonably easy to use, and the directions are pretty clear. If one needs to fill in scratches or chips, and the repair cannot be easily done with normal touch-up paint, this product offers the solution. I wish I had before/after picts from various distances of the scratches I filled/hid; the product impressed me greatly.


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