Touch Up Paint Kits & Premium Packages

Squirt 'n Squeegee PLUS


Our Squirt 'n Squeegee Plus comes with the new Pipette application. We include 5 pipettes to easily drop paint next to the chip plus our popular small firm green squeegee for easy repair of a single chip, getting into tight places, and also used for scratch repair. Plus we include an extra glove and blending cloth!


Dr. ColorChip Squirt 'n Squeegee Paint Chip Repair Kit


Our #1 selling touch up kit easily repairs 100's of chips with our flex clear squeegee! If you have multiple chips, this kit is for you. Use the squeegee to level those chips quickly and easily.


Dr. ColorChip Road Rash Paint Chip Repair Kit


The Road Rash kit repairs 100's of chips. Professional results in minutes using our 3 step process. Apply, Smear, Blend away the chips.


Dr. ColorChip Standard Paint Chip Repair Kit


Our standard kit repairs 2 dozen chips. Touch up multiple paint chips using our 3 step process. Takes less than 15 minutes.


Dr. ColorChip Basic Paint Chip Repair Kit


Our basic kit repairs a dozen chips. Quick, Easy touch up with professional results.


Premium Car Care Package

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Filled with our most popular products in one complete package, and saves you 25% off the regular price.


Deluxe Car Care Package

$107.44 $89.95 On Sale!

An easy way to look your best this Summer. Order now and Save 15%.


Silver Car Care Package

$66.59 $59.95 On Sale!

Touch-up and protect with this cost effective package. Save 10% when you buy this collection.