SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Care Wax


For new and nearly new and thoroughly cleaned paintwork. Due to its dense molecular structure, it offers maximum protection agains UV rays, environmental contaminants, and the adhesion of insects.

Kit includes 2 ergonomically shaped applicators and a microfiber towel.

Features & Benefits:
  • High quality, gentle oils facilitate easy application
  • Ideal for all paint types(also for nitro, ceramic and nano paints.)
  • Extremely long lasting; lasts for at least 10 washes.
  • Unmatched depth of color and gloss.
  • The premier wax for high jetting factor
  • Does not contain abrasives.
  • Does not leave white stains on unpainted plastic components (e.g. bumpers, styling strips, etc.)
6.16 OZ (176 grams)