Mike Phillip’s Detailing Guide

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150 pages of detailing tips, tricks and techniques to achieve a flawless finish on your vehicle. Written by Mike Phillips, a 36-year veteran instructor of detailing.



Mike Phillips is a world-renowned expert in the field of auto detailing, both as a professional detailer and instructor. With 36 years of hands-on experience using just about every detailing tool and product available, he shares his expertise to help you learn how to create a flawless, show-car quality finish in your own garage.

The Complete Guide to a Show Car Shine covers such topics as:

  • Washing Your Car
  • Visual & Physical Inspection
  • Paint Condition Categories
  • Detailing Clay & Clay Bar Alternatives
  • Car Waxes * Paint Sealants * Coatings
  • Maintenance * Maintaining a Perfect Finish
  • Dual Action Car Polishers
  • Cyclo Polishers
  • Rotary Polishers

If you have a passion for perfect paint or simply want to expand your knowledge of car-care and detailing, this guide is the ultimate resource- and makes a great gift too!

  • 150 pages
  • Full color images
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Glossary of detailing terms

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